My Book “Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses” is Off to Print and Available for Preorder!

And so it is done…  book #2! I’ve been sitting on it for a while. Finally, yesterday I buckled down, took a deep breath and poured every second into seeing it off to print!

So many people had asked me for this guide, a subject which I am very passionate about. I know it will serve so many!

Social Media is one of the most dominant forms of communication in the digital space. I learned this the very hard way and decided to do something about it. I began to blog 8 years ago. Armed with my then 10-month old son, a Mac Book and a kick-ass internet connection, I set out to understand social…

I blogged even more, I asked questions, I took courses, webinars, read books and finally, 2 years ago I got certified.

Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses: A Guide for Solo-Entrepreneurs! offers you a solid foundation to understand how to plan, execute, and assess effective social media campaigns as a solo-entrepreneur!



You can order it on Kindle today, right HERE!

Photo Credit: Angela Squcciarini

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