Mom: Cut Yourself Some Slack

We had our son’s first kindergarten PTC a few weeks ago. And I was nervous as heck.

He had had some difficulties adjusting to “big boy” school, coming home with several 2’s (he dreads and cries when he gets 2’s) and I cringed at knowing how upset he was at going to school in the beginning.

In the poor kid’s defense…I had become ‘that mom”. Sending notes to the teacher, calling the school…I wanted to jump in and swoop him away and protect him from Ms. S’s 2’s, the other kids who ‘hurt his feelings’, the homework, the forgotten folder, the list could go on.

Thank God I quickly realized that this is life for my 5 year old son. That he has to learn to fend for himself and that God willing, we’ve done our job as parents to teach him right from wrong and  to decide accordingly when it comes to making the  choices that affect his outcome in a non-mom controlled environment.

I am far from a perfect parent. I try my hardest to be the best I can be. The truth is that you wonder if what you are modeling to your children is sticking.

At the meeting, Ms. S began by saying how much she loved Tomás. That he was bright, loved to learn and most importantly was a kid with a good heart. He shares, thinks of others and loves to learn. She said, “Mom, cut yourself some slack. He’s doing great!”

Now you know it was a tear filled meeting after that.

I scream more than I care to admit, I forget things, have not gotten a system down for all the damn paper work that comes in from from school…but you know what? My kid has a a good heart, shares, thinks of others and loves to learn was all I needed to hear.

I am working on the screaming, the paper work, well that’s another blog post…but I am going to own that he’s doing great and I am not doing a bad job 🙂 I am going to cut my self some slack! I hope you do too!

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