Milk & Honey, Not Just for Tea

In this case…like reaching Paradise.


Imagine this: Designing Your Own Shoes (GASP!)

I know. Pinch me!

And Bellas, if you know me, when it comes to shoes…well hands down I am happy to give you the scoop.

A few months ago, I was made aware of these two sisters (shoe Goddesses in my opinion), Ilissa and Dori, who knew what they wanted in fashion but weren’t always able to get it: clothing and shoes that fit their personal style. I ‘test drove’ the site and my pumps arrived in perfect time for Spring. Not only did they fit perfectly, but they gave me bragging rights over the design!

The sisters launched Milk & Honeyallowing women all over the world to design their own shoes. Yes, you read correctly…DESIGN YOUR OWN SHOES.  Their celebrity design program is also a treat because the proceeds of these sales go to a charity of their choosing.

From the leather to the heel height, you can let your shoe desires run wild… if you can think it…the shoe will be!

To the sisters being able to have perfect shoes is like reaching paradise… or the land of Milk & Honey. I have to say, I agree!

What do you think of these pumps? Leave me a comment below.

milk and honey

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