Meet Jillian Coburn: Faith Warrior + Advocate for Women


I met Jillian Coburn about four years ago. Based on how we met, something told me we’d get along just fine. She’s feisty, diligent, persistent.

But when you learn her story, you begin to understand why. That why, it’s a responsibility she carries with her daily.

In her new memoir, My Ugly Truth: Life Beyond Abuse, Jillian holds nothing back.

When she was 18 and unexpectedly got pregnant, her life changed. She had little support from the baby’s father, a pill addiction, and she quickly found herself in a cycle of psychological and physical abuse.

It didn’t get better. In the years following, Jillian went from one bad relationship to the next. Eventually, she found her saving grace in her Faith, her husband Lonnie, her children, and her unwavering determination to stay sober. 

I’ve shared with you many things on this blog, from my own assault as a child and how that damaged me, until it no longer did. I’ve also shared with you resources that I believe could help you or someone you know who may be going through a similar situation. This book, you MUST read!

If she hasn’t already popped up on your social feeds, it’s time you connected with this amazing woman. You should also get her book available on Amazon HERE or stop by V+Co. and pick up your copy!

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