Meet Founder of Balance Your Life Judy Banks a Stress-Management, Mindful Lifestyle Coach and Chopra Center Vedic Master

For 13 years, Judy lived a fast paced, unhealthy lifestyle as a Management Consultant on Wall Street. She had started a family with her husband and they wanted healthy, strong, nourished children. She knew she needed to balance her life and quickly realized that she didn’t know where to start making changes. So, her research into health and wellness began.

When her first child Jeremy was 3 years old, she noticed that he would seem “wired”even though he had not consumed any sugar. She began paying close attention to what he was eating and learned that every time he ate any food containing food coloring FD & C Yellow #5, he would start to bounce off the walls. After consulting this with her doctor and was told that it was ridiculous to assume that food coloring could cause hyperactivity, she went home, threw out all the boxes of Macaroni and Cheese, and eliminated all food coloring from her family’s diet.

A mother always knows: Jeremy’s hyperactivity stopped.

Fact: A study financed by Britain’s Food Safety Agency (FSA) and published by the British Medical Journal, The Lancet, has conclusively and scientifically confirmed a long-suspected link between food additives and colorings and increased hyperactivity in a broad range of children.  Link to FSA for more information

Banks realized it was not enough to simply make sure she was feeding her children a balanced diet: it wasn’t enough to make sure she was putting fruits and vegetables on their plates. She realized it wasn’t just about what they were eating: She had to start paying attention to the details.

Her approach to learning  was one based on curiosity. Banks studied at various schools and practiced many different approaches to health and wellness. It was during this time that she realized that the training in Human Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Science and mainstream Nutrition would not offer her all the information she needed to put the pieces together.

She was introduced to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and it was through IIN, Purchase College, SUNY, and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners that Banks obtained her certification as a Holistic Health Coach. After studying over 100 dietary theories, she learned to combine the knowledge of both Eastern and Western philosophies. At IIN, she had the privilege of being taught by world-renowned physicians that are at the forefront of integrative medicine, nutrition, and healing.

Through Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation, I obtained a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition. This course presents a revolutionary view that Dr. Colin Campbell (The China Study), has developed during 40 years experience in experimental research. This program focused on the ability of properly executed nutrition and its ability to positively affect your health and prevent illness. It also focuses on the theory that many of the diseases that affect Americans today can be prevented and even reversed through proper dietary and lifestyle modifications.

While studying at the Chopra Center, she realized that the missing “piece” in our lives is very often the missing “peace” in our lives. Embracing that stillness and awareness in our day-to-day is of utmost importance in setting a powerful foundation for our health and well-being.

Life in the 21st century can leave us feeling stressed-out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. We often lack the energy, the clarity, or the focus to initiate change in our lives. Working with Judy Banks at Balance Your Life, you will learn powerful techniques that will enable you to live a stress-free, healthy, focused, and empowered life.

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