Marketing for Small (and Tiny) Businesses

In essence, in order to effectively market your small biz, you need to understand your customers’ needs. You also need to develop a plan that surrounds those needs. Anyone that has a business has a desire to grow it.

The most effective way to grow and expand your business is by focusing on organic growth.

You can increase organic growth in four different ways. They include:

•Acquiring more customers

•Persuading each customer to buy more products

•Persuading each customer to buy more expensive products or up selling each customer

•Persuading each customer to buy more profitable products

All four of these increase your revenue and profit. Today, we’ll focus on the first which is to acquire more customers.

By acquiring more customers you increase your customer base and your revenues then come from a larger base.

How can you use marketing to acquire more customers?

•Spend time researching and create a strategic marketing plan.

•Guide your product development to reach out to customers you aren’t currently attracting.

• Price your products and services competitively.

•Develop your message and materials based on solution marketing.

So now, evaluate: how are you marketing your business? Is it working? Do you need to tweak some areas of your plan?

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