Making Rings

…an event that took place on Friday, September 17, 2010 at Bamboo Salon.  

I was able to meet some wonderful women, jewelry lovers and fans of my work.

I loved experiencing the whole process. From sizing the customer,having them pick the color of wire they wanted , and then watching their faces glow when I handed them  my creation.

Connecting with other women through my jewelry, and helping them connect to others is truly gratifying.

The result: well just look at Tina Talercio smile. It makes work feel like play and the art form of jewelry making more appealing and a lot more appreciated.

Have you ever watched an artist at work? If yes, in what way did it help you connect to the artist or to the art form?
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  • It must have been so fun to be one on one with your customers making their rings right in front of them! I love watching artists work and seeing what goes into a piece. It is usually more difficult and time consuming than you expect.

  • It was so truly a lot of fun! I find it so interesting to watch how different materials are used to create something unique. I was just on cloud 9 that I could do that for those who watched.

  • Wow sounds like a lot of fun great picturesxoxo,

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