“Make Motherhood Visible,” CHICA Interview with Courtney Wyckoff, Founder of Momma Strong

Motherhood Is An action Sport

Having dealt with postpartum depression, I’ve many conversations throughout the years about what a ‘healthy’ motherhood journey should look, be and feel like.

The truth is that the more honest we become with ourselves and define our own path, the better able we are to respond to our needs, and therefore, the needs of our children.

It turns out that Courtney Wyckoff, the founder of Momma Strong and I could actually talk for hours about this very topic. She founded her online community coming from a place of vulnerability and the need to make a living from home.

A Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist, Courtney  has 14 years of experience in the field of fitness, nutrition, and injury prevention/treatment. She has been working exclusively with pre- and postnatal women for the last 7 years, allowing her the opportunity to see how seldom women in this country get the sort of support and information they need to truly re-integrate their core, nervous system, and biomechanical performance after childbirth.

Through Momma Strong, Courtney has healed her own body of numerous injuries that formerly sidelined her from an active and adventurous life. I hope you enjoy our candid and fun conversation and take heed of her she advice to make motherhood a visible and unapologetic journey.

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