Yes, Missing In Action… for a little while anyways…
For the past week, I’ve been trying to shake a bad case of allergies/cold/some bug my son brought home from school…SOMETHING… and you know moms can’t get sick. 

Sometimes, your body needs to reboot… and if you’re consistently doing everything, like I am, your body “gets sick” and forces you to slow down and take a much needed break. 

I was torn between getting things done and really trying to getting to feel better. So by day 3 of feeling like a zombie I let the meds do their work and let my body heal.

While on my “break” I was able to do a little research and introspection of WHERE I am as a Mompreneur. I came to some rewarding conclusions and as of today, I’m cutting myself some slack. 

Building a business is an exercise in personal development. It tests you in so many ways: your self-discipline, your intelligence, your communication skills, your focus, etc. If you’re at fault in any of these areas, your business and your home will reflect it.

The real world of business can be unforgiving. Success is rewarded an mistakes are punished. You may then ask yourself, what is the benefit in that?  It keeps you HONEST. You CANNOT settle for weakness, laziness, and bad ideas, or your business will fail. 

Some people can’t handle the pressure of running their own business, especially from home. The risk of failure in both areas becomes a serious issue. I personally believe, that risk is THE point. It’s what helps you grow; it makes you stronger. An entrepreneur who fears risk is like a swimmer who’s afraid of water. 

My business has compelled me to grow into the kind of woman who can handle a lot more than I thought myself capable of. I’ve learned to trust myself to work hard, to stay focused under pressure, to find a balance between family/business, and still enjoy the process.

You don’t need to stress yourself out to grow, or make yourself sick for that matter. You need to both pace and challenge yourself.

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