Love First

I tune out watching the news enough that  I find out about things happening in the world via social media (I know many of you are on the same boat).

I found out about what happened in Boston while on my way to an event and stuck in a massive traffic jam into NYC (which I later realized was due to beefed up security). I still have not watched the news…I do not need to hear  all of the details about this tragedy…what I have done is prayed, a lot.

I’ve prayed for those who were senselessly killed, for those who lost a loved one AND for those (or the person) who did it. Why? In my opinion, acts like these come from  a lack of compassion and empathy towards another human being….love cannot exist in darkness.

You cannot give what you do not have.

I continue to pray for those affected directly, but for us who watch from afar, because it affects us too.

Someday, when we realize that we are connected to each other in more ways than we will ever know, events like these will be in the past and humanity will thrive as it should.

LOVE first.

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