Live on TV! My Life Hack Got Hacked!

Last week, I had the fabulous opportunity to share a motherhood productivity tip on ABC’s hit show The Chew.

The experience was exhilarating and sooo. much. fun!

Even though I rehearsed my clean-up hack at home several times -I mean I do it weekly around my house- and then rehearsed it 2 more times at the studio, you would think things would go according to planned.


My hack got hacked on live TV…the best part was that in the end…not only did people appreciate the tip, but they appreciated the laughs even more.

So without further ado, here’s the clip of my segment. Enjoy… and I hope it makes you smile (and if you have legos all over your home as I do, it will keep you out of trouble with your little one(s) as it has me. My son has a fit when I vacuum up his lego pieces!)

I approached this entire experience with gratitude. Sometimes you prepare and prepare but in the end things simply take the course they are supposed to. Here are some other fun pics from the day:

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