…HEY! I had to throw that in there…but this post is not about Madonna 🙂

Connecting to women entrepreneurs is a passion of mine as you know…more so when you meet one with an awesome product. Tonja Valdez, founder of Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup and I connected virtually several years ago. This past summer, she sponsored the Bella in Bianco gift bags and so we met at the party IRL for the first time.

A few weeks later…she sent me a box full of goodies to try (makeup and skin care)…and let me tell you…Take this from someone with extremely sensitive skin…HEY!

Tonja says, “…the product that we wanted did not exist… If we wanted a superior product that contained only pure ingredients, that were beneficial to the skin as well as looking and feeling beautiful, then we would have to create it; and we did!…”

Virginn Pure Mineral Makeup is  a wonderful product that functions as makeup or to enhance the condition and appearance of the skin. It also shields it from ultraviolet sun rays.

The skin care in particular for me is pretty powerful. When you have acne prone skin you are willing to give anything and everything a try. I have to say, to be able to wash your face, follow with serum and then barely have to put makeup on afterwards is honestly a blessing.

To connect with and learn more about Tonja and her products, click HERE!