Leap of Faith


How are you today? Cold and rainy in these parts, but I am hopeful. Hopeful that Spring will sweep in in sooner than later.

I’ve been reading “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav.  Boy! What a freakin’ game changer!

It’s been like having third party validation of many of my thoughts and beliefs. It’s refreshing to find that the monkeys in my head, aren’t just my monkeys 🐵 

I wanted to let you in on something that I’ve been manifesting since I moved to NJ: A lounge to gather with not just my clients but with friends, fellow Chicas for connecting, think tanking -and yes, some shopping too- and it’s under wraps as you read this.

This place found its way to me and it feels really good and exciting; my intuition has never led me astray so I am listening (no coincidence that I just finished that chapter in the book). 
I am taking the leap of faith, once again! I will keep you updated as it all unfolds and hope you can make it when I open its doors for you to come and visit!
I am beyond grateful and ecstatic! Stay dry Chica! Xo, V.    

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