Just a Mom?

I’ve heard that many times along with, “Well, you’re a mom, of course you can’t have it all.” 
What is the definition of all? If it is that I want to create income for my home and be there for my children, then yes…I want it all
You see, motherhood is a part of who I am, not just who I am. It’s why I started my own business almost 4 years ago. I wanted to create income for my home and be there for my children. I wanted all. But, I am not alone. 
Two years ago, my friend Patty Lennon launched www.momgetsalife.com with the mission to help every mom move herself up on her priority list.  
After speaking with hundreds of women, many of them tell her the same story: 
Moms either need or want to create income but they can’t figure out how to do it and still be the kind of mom they set out to be.
In a time when women are more economically powerful than ever before, it’s baffling. In the next four years women will:
  • Outpace men as top earners 
  • Account for more than 1/2 the 9.2 Million new jobs created by small businesses 
  • Control 85% of all household spending (actually we already do that)
And with all that forward movement, most women with young children still lack solutions that allow them to participate in this financial growth.
Many women know this, but few understand exactly how to get started. 
Patty decided to launch www.momgetsabiz.com, a conference in 2013, where women will learn how to launch a scalable business that gives them the flexibility to be there for their families emotionally, spiritually and financially and still carve out a few minutes for themselves.
I love how she’s thought everything out for this event and in order to keep the tickets reasonably priced for attendees she’s using a crowdfunding campaign to offset the cost of the conference.   
If you believe families deserve better solutions please consider donating $1 to the campaign.  A single dollar casts a vote for moms everywhere.  Your dollar sends a strong message that change is needed and it is needed now. Be a part of the solution, visit the campaign at:  www.supportmombiz.com
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