It’s Here! ETTWomen’s 360º Bracelet!

Whether you’ve been following the ETTWomen community or not, it’s important to acknowledge the core of our mission. Everything that we do -workshops, meetings, etc.- stems from the heart centered intention of evolving, promoting shifts in our lives and businesses and the lives and businesses those connected to our community.

I felt we needed a reminder. Something that we could wear that represented what ETTWomen is about and that meant transformation -a metamorphosis of sorts. Lynette and I feel very strongly that this is what happens to the women who connect with our community. They evolve, transcend, learn, grow. It’s why I chose a butterfly.


In case you didn’t know, everything that I do today evolved from my first business, enV Jewelry and I am so excited to share with you our ETTWomen’s 360º Bracelet today!


It’s simple, chic and intended to remind you that while change and growth are constant and messy, and in the end you come out stronger, more beautiful and magnificent, like a butterfly.

The bracelet is available in different colors and is made of Czech glass beads on a stretchable cord making it easy to fit all wrist sizes. You can purchase yours HERE.

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