It’s Finally Here! My Book: 5 Steps Fabulous is Here + Special Offer!

“There’s a book in all of us.”

About 2  years ago, it was revealed to me through prayer that I had to write a book. An appointment of sorts.

Seriously, I woke up one morning ready to blog and wrote the post “Five Ways to Live Beautifully, Inside and Out.” The post got a great response.

I reblogged it again in 2012 and I again saw how the topic resonated with a lot of women; it got lots of retweets, shares, etc.

My reaction was more like, “Ok God, I got it.” People wanted to read this kind of positive writing, encouragement and inspiration.

It was also around the time I had begun writing the column “The Beauty of Giving Back” for Bella NYC Magazine. Bella means beautiful. I took this as another sign because spreading the message for living beautifully is not only at Bella’s core…but ‘giving back’ is 1 of the 5 steps I had outlined in that initial piece.

I continued to see the signs but this time, what I heard in my prayers was that I needed to expand the story to include my personal journey and the ugly and messy truths behind it. I was like, “Ok God, I got it…but I am scared.”

When you walk in Faith, you attach nothing to the outcome of any given situation. I tried not to question the why…I simply prayed that fear wouldn’t paralyze my efforts. The mantra “In sharing your story, you liberate yourself and set others free,” became an every day affirmation since.

I am a firm believer that “Everything happens for a reason,” and I am certain of only one thing: That my almost 3 year journey of putting this book together is not over, it’s only just begun.

In one of the many “What the hell am I doing?” conversations with my  friend Jennifer Tuma Young she said to me, “A book takes you through a remarkable transformation…you’ll know when it’s time.”

The transformation has been remarkable indeed and yes Jen, it’s time. I have received so much incredible support, encouragement and praise for taking this on but giving of myself in this way has been all for His glory with the intention of helping women who may have felt and/or lived the ugly and messy truths I once did.

I am here to share my story. I am here to connect women to one another, to inspire and empower them.

I am both completely freaked out and excited beyond my wildest dreams about this moment. I pray this book serves you in reading it as much or more as it served me in writing it.

Peace and love Chicas! Enjoy! Before it’s available on Amazon and Kindle, I am signing and offering the first 100 copies of book at a special price HERE!

Five Steps to Fabulous, Vanessa Coppes

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