It’s A Matter of Attitude!

by Lynette Barbieri

Did you ever wonder how it is possible that  two people get hit with exactly the same obstacle -or challenge as I call it- in a day, and how vastly different each one of them reacts?

It’s also like that successful person – which I’m sure you have all read about- with a horrible past, the hardships they had to overcome would not make you think they would ever have the chance to become successful.

How do you think that is possible? How can that happen?

Here is an example, so you can relate. The alarm goes off, it’s sunny, fun music is on. Your hair looks great! You grab some lunch, snacks and a fiber bar then jump in your car and off to your daily tasks you go.  All of a sudden BAM, a challenge gets thrown your way.

Maybe it’s a detour which takes you all the way out of your way and sticks you right into a traffic jam, you have an appointment you don’t get to until you are 15 minutes late, and of course… you have a jam packed day, or it can be as simple as a phone call and someone cancels  an appointment or switches something around you were counting on. We’ve all been there.

Our response will determine our results.

First you need to recognize the only thing, and I mean the only thing we can control is our attitude.  You are only upset with this challenge because of the way you are perceiving it.

The outcome is in your reaction. Are you the victim or the victor? I say start fixing instead of blaming.  I’m sure you have all heard of the expression ‘turning lemons into lemonade.’ That’s exactly what that means.

Anything you have read about those successful people I mentioned earlier and what they went through talks about them turning lemons into lemonade. How they reacted to their situation and turned it around is what made them successful. It was all in their attitude!

So how you treat your once perfect day that turned into a not so perfect day and what you do with it is entirely up to you!

Attitude and attitude alone is all you can control, so why not have a great one?

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