Interesting Jewelry Facts

Researching about customs, trends and facts about jewelry we came across a few worth sharing:

  • People have been swallowing precious Pearls whole and in a powdered form for ages as a medicine for sicknesses. Mostly done in Asia, the interesting fact about this is, that Pearls are mostly made of calcium carbonate, which is a antacid, so about the only thing they are curing is a upset stomach.
  • Opals are said to bring wisdom and good fortune. In ancient times people believed that Opals were pieces of heaven that had fallen out of the sky due to violent thunderstorms.
  • People believed that gold came from the Sun in ancient times. There were even Religious groups that believed gold were tear drops from their Sun Gods.

Do you have a fun, interesting fact you’d like to share? Leave it as a comment.

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  • As children we would make necklaces out of buckeyes. (Can you tell I'm from Ohio? However, my father believed that having a buckeye in your pocket helped to avoid arthritis.

  • This is such an interesting post! Wonder why they thought gold could be teardrops. Maybe they were sjaped that way?

  • I too found interesting how others cultures viewed jewelry. Still today there are many customs that still prevail through time, as is the evil eye, hand of God, etc.

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