The Incredible Power of TLC for A Rescued Dog Named Blue


Five…that’s the number of trainers that I reached out to after rescuing Blue. Four is the number of times I was told, “No, I don’t work with aggressive dogs.” One, the time I was almost persuaded into board-training him. Let’s leave that story for another time.

I was filled with mixed emotions after rescuing Blue. Returning him was not an option, but coming to terms with living with an over-protective and aggressive dog  -again- was life altering.

You hear so many stories about the Bully breed. You learn of their stubbornness, their ridiculous physical strength, their loyalty, sense of humor, and no-joke protection for their pack….NO. JOKE.

We quickly learned that while his papers labeled Blue as a “Boxer,” he was most certainly NOT a Boxer. We now know he’s a mix of American Bulldog and Pit-bull. PRICELESS.


To clarify: From the moment Blue was rescued, he showed nothing but joy and excitement towards our family. The ‘behavior’ issues began when he became more comfortable with his pack (us), while leashed and outside of his comfort zone. We will never know Blue’s real story, but what we do know is that what was manifesting as aggression, was nothing more than fear.

I had almost given up hope in finding help, but a blessing came our way -as God would have it. Just as I was connected to Blue,  I was connected to Nicholas Pagano, a local dog trainer through our vet. ‘Uncle Nick,’ despite my warnings about Blue’s behavior, NEVER. SAID. NO.

We’ve been working with Mr. Pagano since March and boy…have things changed!


About Nicholas Pagano and Bark Busters

Nicholas Pagano and his wife have been married for over thirty years and have successfully raised two sons and a daughter. Their dogs have always been considered loving members of their family, and their 13 year old English Springer Spaniel Nestle is no exception. After twenty five successful years in the agri-business corporate world, Pagano was at a point in his life where he could bring his business/sales background and love of dogs together by joining forces with the great team at Bark Busters.

Bark Busters has successfully trained over 1 million dogs worldwide. As an integral part of the organization, Pagano is equipped to correct unwanted canine behavior using the most effective and natural methods along with the best list of supplements. When the dog knows that it is safe and secure in its home, the owners have successfully become its leader providing a happy home for both dog and family.

Pagano has successfully trained several thousand dogs consisting of various breeds, various temperaments and age groups. I can personally attest to the fact that his training methods being nonphysical provides a tremendous difference in the quality of life for you and your dog. In short, he brings the human owner into their dog’s world.

Thank you Uncle Nick for teaching us that Blue will be the dog we want him and need him to be as long as we do the work with him.

For more information on Nicholas Pagano and his training, click HERE!


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