Beauty Products That Work Just As Hard As You Do


A self-described beauty junkie, Dixie Lincoln-Nichols developed a passion for all things beautiful at the age of six, after watching her grandmother extract coconut oil in an iron pot on her stove top one day in Trinidad. Dixie learned that the oil in the pot was the same oil she used to moisturize her skin every day, and she was absolutely fascinated.

Dixie paid close attention and learned as much as possible from her grandma about how to utilize nature’s gifts to meet the family’s skin care needs.
Years later, a friend spoke to her about having extremely dry skin, and without a second thought Dixie made a batch of moisturizer using her grandma’s old recipe. The friend came back for more… and then more. Word got out that Dixie had some amazing skin care remedies and other women started asking for her products. Dixie Bits was born!

Dixie Bits believes that the Earth and its inhabitants should both be Green and Gorgeous, and this belief is embodied in every one of our eco-friendly products. We do not and will never test on animals. All our containers are recyclable and our ribbons and bags are made from 100% sustainable and recyclable materials. Dixie Bits are free from harmful additive like parabens, phthalates and petrolatum, and almost all our ingredients are natural or plant-based, such as the delightful and nourishing organic jojoba oil, turbinado sugar, organic coconut oil and macadamia nut oil. Our original, natural product scents are delectable and enchanting, and superfruit extracts like pomegranate, passion fruit and acai berry add antioxidants galore to further nurture supple, long-lasting, youthful skin.

Remember, your beauty products should work just as hard as you do to make sure you look and feel absolutely gorgeous. If you want eco-conscious, time-tested, natural products that are guaranteed to have you looking and feeling your best, it’s time for Dixie Bits.
Available online and in store at enV Jewelry and Boutique, 3487 Richmond Road, Staten Island, NY 10306. 
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