#Imperfect Blogging 24-28

Catching up and finishing what started a little over 28 days ago:


#Imperfect Blogging 24: Habits

I have the habit of laughing when shit goes down. I’ve been called out on it a lot throughout my life and I’ve tried to be mindful about it. You can say that it’s a selfish coping mechanism, but laughter has always allowed me to see the brighter side of things. I am notorious for finding humor in the most unusual situations. The scary thing is that my toddler has picked it up too (if it’s a scary thing). I take serious situations seriously, I just don’t let them disturb my inner peace.


#Imperfect Blogging 25: Life Marker- Letter to My 16 Year Old Self

Turning 16 was pivotal in my life. I had blocked out the emotional repercussions of my sexual abuse and at 16, well…shit went down. Looking back I would say many things to that girl, but most importantly I would say this:

Dear V,

First of all, you need to stop, breathe and listen. You are not alone as you feel and more people than you think are worried about what you’re going through. Your mom specially really wants to talk to you. She just can’t seem to find the right words sometimes. Know that she is always here for you, no matter what.

You are not worthless, nothing God creates is. Your pain will become light to help others shine.

Take care of yourself.


#Imperfect Blogging 26: Food for the Soul

This challenge is funny because my husband will be the first to tell you I’m no chef. I mean I cook because we have to eat. BUT, there is nothing like rice and corn, fried pork chops, fried sweet plantains and a side of green salad with avocado. Every time I go back to the DR this is the habitual meal after I’ve arrived from the airport. My entire family knows that nothing else is happening until this meal has been made and I’ve been fed 🙂 I can never make it for myself like my mom can, so I don’t even try.


#Imperfect Blogging 27-28: Lessons from This Challenge

So grateful for the accountability. While I blog consistently every week, it helped to know that these assignments had to get done. I was late but honest with myself about the time I have carved out for writing. This challenge helped me give shape to a workshop I had been sitting on for months. It also helped me to get to know better a fabulous group of women to whom I now have a deeper virtual connection with.


Thank you awesome (in my world, FABULOUS) Vicky Ayala!


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