I’m Sharing Some of My Life-hacks on The Chew!

I’ve been blogging for 7 years. It’s been an outlet that has allowed me to develop my writing skills, connect with amazing people and share the lessons I’ve learned from living life, building my business, motherhood and everything else in between!

These life and beauty hacks have been on my site for quite some time and I am excited to say that I’ll be sharing some of these on ABC’s The Chew!

Check out some of my favorites:

1) Perfect Mascara Application Using Business Cards.

Because I network a lot, I come home with a lot of business cards. Once I’ve added my new contact’s information into my database…I use the cards as guards whenever I’m applying mascara. All you have to do is slide the card under your bottom lash when you apply mascara and voila! The excess mascara is left on the card, not your skin!

Watch the video HERE!

Screenshot 2015-09-05 17.35.00
2) Another Beauty Hack is for a Perfect Cat Eye. So, how do you DIY it? Here it is step by step.


3) Stocking over vacuum.

Because I have small children and everything and their mother ends up on the floor…specially lego pieces…placing a small piece of an old stocking over the end of your vacuum hose and securing it with a rubber-band, can keep the pieces, earrings or anything else from getting lost in vacuum cleaner universe. Tune into The Chew to see more!

4) Schedule everything on your to-do list.

Errands, the gym, lunch meeting with a client/friend, manicures, time with your kids (no joke), grocery shopping…Schedule it as if it were an appointment! I promise that you won’t forget what you need to do and will begin to prioritize the tasks that really demand your time.



Stay tuned tomorrow for my Behind the Scenes…so excited!

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