I Went There

Oh yes Chicas…I did. And while my eyes are still adapting even as I write this…I have to say, I have never gotten so many compliments on my nails…EVER.
I like to think I am pretty bold and quite the risk taker when it comes to fashion. But I am very clear when it comes to trends, that unless I love it, IN or OUT,  I simply don’t invest time, money and energy in it.
Getting ready for Bella’s Winter Wonderland last week (which by the way was AMAZING!) my outfit called for something uberly fashionable yet subtle, at the same time…if you know what I am sayin’!
Incorporating the gold accents of my outfit, I followed the glitter on one nail trend (out since forever) and I have to say, it put the cherry on top of my look.
My approach to style has always been a very personal one, so should yours. It took me how long to go for this look?
The point is, while it may seem wild on someone else, try it and see how it makes you feel. If you feel good, you will always look good. Period.
How you feel is what matters most, despite the trend. I felt like rockstar that night…what do you think?
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