How Wearing the Wrong Glasses for A Year Taught Me A HUGE Lesson

Sooo, like many of you I am sure, I am on the ball to start out 2014 productively, with a better health bill, etc.

I went to my yearly checkups this week. I have them done every year and because glaucoma and cataracts run in my family, I specially make it a point to see my eye doctor.

I decided to visit a new Doc I had heard about in my area and I was pleasantly surprised to be seen by a very trendy, young woman. Fashion conscious woman + Eye Doc…makes a match made in heaven for me 🙂

After chatting a bit and getting to the serious part of my appointment (I hear it every year: “Your eye nerves are very scarred. Continue to visit me regularly…” While it gets old after 5 years, I don’t mess around with this appointment in particular because we’re talking about something extremely precious: my sight!). I of course agreed to my follow up appointment and routine testing.

The really scary part about the visit was she told me I had been wearing the wrong prescription. My response was of shock and I insisted, “What do you mean? I can see!”

She compared the 2 lenses: what you’re wearing now…what you should be wearing. My jaw dropped.

She proceeded to explain, “Your eyes have adjusted to that prescription and so has your disposition when you are wearing them.”

For a whole year…SAY WHAT?!?!? Putting 2 and 2 together… inexplicable migraines, nauseousness, eye pain…DUH!

For someone who tries their very best to practice and preach living in awareness…I was upset.

I proceeded to doing the fun part of this appointment… picking out my new frames but when I got into my car, her statement really got me thinking: What else in my life that is harming my well being have I adapted to?

The signs were there (migraines, nauseousness, eye pain)… in the beginning I thought it was my eyes adjusting to the new prescription. Then I carried on with my life and I ignored them. I got comfortable.

The doctor explained that our eyes adjust to what is in our scope of vision and even though some things may seem out of focus, they adapt. That makes us then unable to see other things in our scope of vision clearly.

Lesson: While our circumstances may cause us to adjust, we sometimes need an external force to get us back into focus. We see the signs that something is wrong, but we’ve adjusted to our scope of vision and so has everything else in our daily lives. We get comfortable.

What will help you catch yourself is being aware but also being open to adjusting your scope of vision.

Thank God my cool new Dr. not only helped me physiologically improve my scope of vision, but to also dig a little deeper to really get on the ball with improving my daily life.

Change doesn’t happen by staying in your comfort zone.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Would love to hear from you!

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