How to Set Marketing Goals That Don’t Suck


Marketing without a goal is like practicing tennis without a tennis racket — how will you know if you are hitting the ball?

In marketing, a campaign can have many different types of goals. Not all marketing goals have to do with making a sale or converting a new lead.

Specifically, when it comes to your blog or website, a goal is an action that you want an individual to take. Having clear defined goals is an important aspect of your marketing strategy.

Setting Goals That Connect to Your Strategy

Before you begin any marketing strategy, it’s important to map out the goals that will best support it. It’s important to be clear on what your expectations are and why.

To set crystal-clear goals, use the five SMART Goals criteria to determine if your goal is set properly:

  1. Specific: Your goal should lay out exactly what it is you hope to accomplish in no uncertain terms. Call it what it is.
  2. Measurable: Anyone looking at your campaign performance should be able to tell objectively whether or not the goal was met.
  3. Achievable: Choose something will be realistically achievable with your campaign.
  4. Relevant: The goal needs to be related to the most important function of your business: making money.
  5. Time-Bound: Set a specific time when the goal should be achieved by.

The bottom line is that there should be absolutely no grey area when determining if a goal has been reached.

Goals are simply what you will aim to accomplish, and your strategy is how you will accomplish it, which all ties back to the why. You are the only once who can decide the why — there’s no formula that can do that for you. Your why is tied  into your mission. Why do you do what you do? What problem do you solve? What opportunity do you create? Your goals should always be connected in this context.

So, how do you set marketing goals that don’t suck?

Your marketing goals should fit into and support your overall business goals. Just like any other goal, marketing goals need to be measurable. Take the following recommendations into consideration:

  1. Set realistic marketing goals. This contributes to your marketing success. Easy goals aren’t realistic, they don’t require you to get uncomfortable. Getting uncomfortable always produces the best results.
  2. Are your goals credible? Point blank: Do you believe in your goals? If you believe them, you will be motivated to accomplish them. This is not about if others believe your goals are possible, but it’s about you believing they are. You’re the one who has to be motivated to accomplish them.
  3. Write your goals down. This allows you to track, evaluate, measure and manage. There’s no better feeling than scratching an item off a to-do list. Completing simpler goals is the base for setting more challenging ones.


We all have big dreams for what we want to accomplish in our lives and businesses. We have smaller dreams too. The things we want on a daily or weekly basis. We all want our business to grow and thrive. Marketing is an integral part of your growth and marketing goals are integral to success.

A dream, is just a dream. A goal, is a dream with a plan and a deadline.

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