How to Make Jewelry Work with Your Outfits

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Today, we’ll address how to make jewelry work with your outfits. 
There’s a misconception about wearing gemstone jewelry throughout the colder months. In fact, wearing gemstone jewelry can really make any outfit look great!
Here are a few tips to help you choose your jewelry and accessories:
1. Coordinate with your hair color.
  • Depending on the tone, blonde hair can look good with gold or silver; so does black or brown hair look.
  • Red or gray hair look well with silver accessories.
2. Coordinate with your clothing.
  • Wear color with color, like red earrings with a red top or a blue necklace with a blue dress.
  • To really make your jewelry pop, wear bright-colored jewelry with black clothing or colored jewelry with a plain outfit.
  • Wear gold with earth toned clothing.
3. Coordinate to accentuate.
  • Double a long necklace or tie it into a mid-length knot.
  • A long necklace helps you look slender and tall.
  • Wear large earrings or a delicate necklace to look smaller.
  • Accentuate your face by wear a pin high on your shoulder (brooches are not just for grandma’s).
4. Coordinate the amount of jewelry.
  • One piece of jewelry always creates an elegant look.
  • Two matching pieces should be worn for a more formal event.
  • Several pieces for a party, or just for fun.
5. Coordinate with other jewelry.
  • Wear earrings that  match your necklace.
  • Wear two similar necklaces.
  • Wear vintage pieces with vintage pieces or mix with modern pieces.
  • Stack bracelets on the same wrist.
  • Wear a bracelet with your watch.
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