How The enV Madre Perla Pendant was Born

I was at the gym one morning and my trainer asked me about what to get his mother for Xmas. He said he didn’t want to get her clothes, or fragrances, and much less something for the house. So I asked him to think about one thing that she really liked. He said she loved jewelry, specially “different” jewelry. Giggling to myself I proceeded to tell him I was a jewelry artist. As surprised as he was that I had never brought that up in any of our conversations, he left me with this question, “Could you please make me something special for her?”

I’ve always had the conviction that gift giving should be meaningful, and no matter how much you spend, it should also be memorable; not because of the material object, but because of the thought, time, and care the person giving the gift took to find something “special”, just like my trainer asked, just for you.

Mother of Pearl can be found in many of my pieces.  The variety of colors and it’s timeless look appeals to many as well…and what better word play than the “Mother” of your “Pearl” (children), to represent this piece.

I know my son has improved my life and all it’s wealth, from the moment I knew he was in my womb; just like the Mother of Pearl, which looks to bring prosperity and good fortune to your life.

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