How Are You Making Your Mark?

Storytelling is not the new ‘it’ thing. The truth is, if you haven’t been telling your story, you’ve been missing out on a crucial part of building your brand.

Yes…wake up, YOU are a brand and the way to cut through the noise is not the outlet through which you tell it, it’s the story itself.

Your brand is you. As an entrepreneur, you are the heartbeat of your brand. You and only you can verbalize this.

Amy C. Cosper, Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine says, “Building a brand is one of those mission critical but challenging exercises that all entrepreneurs, really all companies, go through to define how the world views them and their business. Brands represent the soul of your idea and its values, your story and its authenticity.”

Branding is a monster all on its own. It is a process that brings together emotions and values and how you want the two conveyed to others. It’s not a logo. It’s emotional. Its purpose is to trigger an emotional response from your customers. And when it comes to emotions, well, saddle up Chica…that is where it gets serious.

Branding is not just the messy narrative, it’s about claiming something as your own. The only way to truly leave your mark, is by telling your story, but more importantly, knowing your story.

The latest issue of Entrepreneur is dedicated to the idea of establishing your brand. Be it by your packaging, a meme or a gif…the end goal is to tell the world what you take a stance on, authentically. That my friend, is branding.

How Are You Making Your Mark? 

If you’re in need of soulful and elegant support in crafting your authentic brand AND getting it out there, here is a brilliant opportunity for you! My friend Michelle Ghilotti has just opened the doors to The Branding Retreat on May 12  –  15, 2016!

You can enjoy the pampering you’ll receive at this five-star estate with five-star service, all while you create your five-star business and brand…in LOS ANGELES! (it’s a $7k investment vs. $10k until midnight Pacific on 23rd of March 2016 for all three days of brand mentoring and your very own brand photo shoot!)


Day 1 Your Private Catamaran Awaits

Set your five-star course and do so by starting with bubbly on the deck and first intimate group workshop and one-on-one mentoring with not one but two global brand strategists, Michelle Ghilotti and Zsuzsa Novak, a brilliant power team.

 Day 2 Galapagos Islands

Next, before charting your five-star business and life and creating your brand plan, up and down dog, have a delicious five-star breakfast, not to mention some pool or hiking time and more one-on-one time mentoring on your business and brand.
Day 3 Santorini

A five-star business and life has many focused five-star strategies in place. After another morning of optional yoga and connecting to your inner guru, you will learn some of those key strategies and mindfully craft your global brand.
 Day 4 Cote D’Azur

A five-star business and life is not a five-star business and life if you don’t, at some point, really step up and OUT as the star you are. On this last day, with all that you’ve learned and made decisions on (remember, you’re here to leave with the work d-o-n-e), Michelle and Zsuzsa and their team continue to pamper you with their award-winning makeup team and brand photographer. Today is the day of your brand photo shoot!


After that excitement, the closing ceremony at The Branding Retreat will celebrate this powerful shoot as well as all the decisions you’ve made together with Michelle and Zsuzsa for how you will continue to launch and love up on your five-star business and brand.

Not only is this retreat a five-star experience, but it’s not the event that tells you what to do. It’s the event where you leave with it actually d-o-n-e. 

Ladies in need of creating their authentic brand, enjoy perusing all that The Branding Retreat has to offer, and, in the meantime, as Michelle and Zsuzsa say, here’s to YOUR five-star business and life!

If you have any questions at all re: the experience, Michelle is happy to speak with you!

Here’s to making happiness your business by creating your authentic brand!

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