CHICA Movement

You Can Rise Above Your Fears
I loved being pregnant. But little did I know that when my son came into the world my life would never be the same. THAT was the problem. I remember holding him in my arms, crying, feeling like the luckiest woman in the world. But when I laid him down to sleep, I wondered what would become of me, who would take care of me.
I alienated myself even more from the already small universe I had created for myself after moving to NY from DR. Self sabotage became very comforting. Having talked about my feelings with friends and gathering the strength to attend a support group of new mothers in my local church, I came to the understanding that I was suffering from Postpartum Depression. I admit feeling ashamed for a while of accepting the label and that I suffered from it.
One morning in 2009,  I reflected on how I was able to get out of feeling the way I did about motherhood. While receiving support from other moms and picking up an old hobby, jewelry making which I did  while my son napped. The more I wore my pieces around, the more women became interested in them and sooner than later,  enV Jewelry was born.  I could have never done it without the encouragement from all those women.
I had a new sense of purpose for myself: the opportunity to connect to other women through one of my gifts.
A Chica carries herself with a Caring, Hermosa (beautiful), Inspiring and Can do Attitude. She lives her life trying to do the best that she can.