Happy Birthday to the Baby, Samuel!

Two years ago, another marvelous blessing came into our lives: Our little munchkin, Samuel (aka the Baby, Sammy, Sam-sam, Sambutt) was born!

It’s so interesting (and yes, kinda’ freaky) to watch a mini version of yourself walking around. He’s got my attitude, resilience (he does not stop until he gets what he wants) and corky sense of humor. He’s such a happy kid, incredibly loyal to his big brother and all around as Tomás is too…a joy to be around.

Samuel means sent by God. No surprise there because wherever Samuel is, that is what is felt in his presence: peace, joy, happiness -just as you do when God is in your heart.

Counting my blessings this morning as we celebrate this little angel’s life. Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

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  • Sending birthday hugs to Sammy! His smile and laugh are infectious. Enjoy your day..

    • Thank you Hope 🙂 It’s been a riot all morning, and it’s not even 9 am yet!

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