On June 16, 2010 enV by Vanessa Coppes is turning 1!!!!!! 
How exciting! 
It’s been a challenge but I’ve gotten to meet incredible people and most of all prove to myself that this crazy idea of working from home, can be  possible. 
One of the things that I’ve treasured most from my climb is being able to help others with some of the challenges I had when I started. 
I continue to learn every day and keep my eyes and ears open to new suggestions, advice, comments that may suggest growth. 
You can learn a lot from other people and keep in mind, they might be looking to you to learn something new as well.
This is the creed I’ve followed since I began. I hope they may help you in some productive way:
1) If your heart believes in it,  follow your dream.  It may be a hard  step to take, you must be able to step outside of the box and dare to do.
2) Take advice from business professionals who have succeeded in taking the path you wish to take. They know what they’re doing, therefore should be able to give you sound advice.

3) Be unique and stick to your company’s identity. As tempting as it may be to copy someone who may be doing more business than you, in due time, people will start to recognize your  efforts.
4) Learn how accounting works. Quickbooks Pro has worked wonders for my company.
5) The reaction from the customers who use your services or purchase your products, not only sales, should help you measure your success.   Many companies have forgotten what customer service is really  about.  It is the key to your success.  Satisfied and unsatisfied customers talk about your product and services.  Bad news tends to travel faster than good news unfortunately.
6) Create a sample of your product or services to give away. Contact local charity events to find out if your  your product or service can be donated.
7) Network, network, network. I have joined face book, Twitter, linked in, digg, and possibly others I can’t remember… they have helped me stay current on the Internet, and gotten me even more customers than I could’ve gotten on my own. 
8) Know that we have the power to change the world.9) Find your posse, at some point, you can’t achieve your dreams alone. Good things happen through other people.
10) Before you can become successful at anything, you must put in the time.

11) Take the time to provide genuine value, and  you will have completed the first step in the success equation.
12) Your focus should be on how many people you can help.
13) We are walking magnets, we attract to us exactly what we are thinking. So think positive and stay motivated, keeping the focus on your dream.
Making a business successful takes A LOT of work. If you believe in it, dare to make your dream possible. 

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