Growing Your Business Through Charitable Giving

Have you ever experienced the kind of generosity that has utterly changed your quality of life? 
Giving is a Result of Obedience. This doesn’t mean we should give only when we’re feeling cheerful. The cheerfulness often comes during and after the act of obedience, not before it. Give and watch the joy follow. 
Many savvy small businesses are affiliating themselves with charities to market their businesses. Not only is it a means for developing a powerful network but it also helps others in the process. 
We all like to associate ourselves with businesses that support causes and help others in a meaningful way.
Although charities know your motivations and understand your secondary purpose for participating in their mission, they are experienced and can help you receive a return on your charitable investments.
Choosing a charity can sometimes be confusing. I chose Enchanted Makeovers because not only was I was able to see myself in their message of “she is me”, but the work they do is completely aligned with my company’s mission and target market.  So look for charities that you believe in. Not only will it be more fun, but also you’ll be happier when giving your time and means.
From a business standpoint, work with charities that will give you meaningful exposure. You’ll also want to volunteer your time in a position that will show your talents and skills.
If you are sponsoring a charitable event, try to choose one in which your target market would participate. For example, if you run a senior living community, consider getting involved with charities for retired veterans. 
Linking your name with a charitable cause is an important part of charitable marketing. Here are some ideas to maximize your exposure:
1. Publicize your donations of goods or services to charities by sending press releases and photos to the local media.
2. Include your charitable involvement in your marketing materials such as newsletters, brochures, signs, displays, advertisements, and commercials.
3. Give away information about your charity as a part of your business transactions such as placing pamphlets in your retail outlets, having employees wear clothing or pins and buttons publicizing your charity, or placing charity information with your product when it ships.
Your charity will recognize your support in their publicity efforts. Most charities have thousands, even millions of people that either belong to the charity or who have some type of affinity with your charity. These people make excellent prospects for your products or services because of your indirect association with them.
Charities, like businesses, are interested in building their membership base. The best way to do this is through marketing to specific niches that are inclined to develop an affinity with your charity. Partnering with your charity to market to a niche will bring new customers to you and new members to your charity.
Perhaps the biggest advantage, from a business standpoint, to be involved with a local charity is the opportunity you’ll have to network with other like-minded professionals. Make sure you put your new friends on your networking list and make it a point to keep in close contact with them. Send thank you cards, meet for lunch, make brief phone calls, remember birthdays, and include them in your newsletter to stay in touch.
Make sure that you attend meetings and events where other professionals will be. Volunteer to sit on boards or committees when time permits. 
Everyone has a potential affinity with a charitable organization. Search one out and enjoy the sweet feelings you’ll receive from helping someone else. 
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