Future Investment, Current Pleasure

Red Scale Statement Necklace by Vanessa Waliko, $325

Let me share a story with you:

A few months ago Daria failed to purchase a wearable piece of art at New York Vintage on West 25th St. Manhattan.  It was a stunning architectural gray leather top-tunic and slightly out of her budget. It was also one of those pieces she would probably only wear once a year, though once a year for the rest of her life. It was to die for and she terribly regrets not buying it.

The thing is, if not born to money, it usually takes us some time to realize that good things are worth investing in, even if more expensive, and by good I mean well made, but also original, timeless, art-like. 

These pieces delight us when we buy them, but will keep delighting us forever and will always mark us, as we wear them, as real fashion enthusiasts, art curators and collectors who use their body as a private mobile gallery.

Do you invest in fashion?

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