Flip the Funk: It’s a #FabulousFriday!

#FabulousFriday is the infamous hashtag roaming around Social Media today. Despite the snow which can trump plans and emotions (and if you know me, you know snow is one of those things I could do without in my life) I want to shout out a few things that I am immensely grateful for and we’re only 3 days into this New Year:

1. My colleagues and friends at Bella NYC Magazine. Courtenay and Dan working with you has been a wonderful ride! I can’t wait to sit back next year and reflect on the amazing things BELLA has accomplished. I am so grateful to be a part of the journey. It will be a Bella 2014!

2. My ETTM  partner, Lynette Barbieri and our group of incredibly supportive ladies. We could never have gotten here without your support and 2014 is already showing us the incredible year it will be for our community. ETTM is a testament to what women and men can accomplish when they come together in support of one another.

3. My creative team: Milagros, Pilar, Alina, Ana…THANK YOU! When I received my final book cover image, I could not hold back the tears. It has been a long road to finally get to this point. I’ve been appointed to share this story with the world and all I can pray for is that it does for another woman, what it’s done for me in writing it: heal.

So there you have it Chica, flip the funk of the snow and the cold and embrace that today you opened your eyes and took a breath of fresh air… it is a #FabulousFriday indeed.

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