Finally, Clear Skin!

OMG, OMG, OMG! You HAVE to try this!
I’ve been struggling with acne since I was 12 years old. As a teen, it emotionally drained me…as an adult, well it just ain’t cute!

I went on a much needed shopping spree this weekend. I bit the bullet and bought myself the raved about Mia from Clarasonic. Have you heard of this little magic machine?

The Sonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the brush gently, yet thoroughly removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than manual cleansing alone. Removing these impurities has been shown to allow a 61% better absorption of Vitamin C, and better prepares skin for other products.

Here are the facts:

  • Removes 6X more makeup than manual cleansing
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Cleansing helps products work more effectively
  • Gentle enough to use twice a day
  • Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Minimizes the appearance of visible pores

For a person who has tried EVERYTHING, from pills to God only knows how many ointments, in just 3 days the difference in my skin is pretty remarkable. 

I am not paid by Sonicare to promote their products. This post is based on my opinion and on the result of my own experimentation. 

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