Feet As Smooth As A Baby’s Bottom

Chica, it’s cold outside…and if you’re anything like me (feet buried in warm socks until a glimpse of warmth is in the air) then you’ll definitely may want to follow this routine.

During the Summer, I get regular pedicures, not only is it relaxing but ’tis the Season for sandals and fun nail polish colors. But during the Winter months, the thought of soaking my feet that often, literally sends shivers down my spine! So, instead…I do a no soaking involved pedi. My secret to feet as smooth as a baby’s bottom all winter long?

Two products:

1. The Ped-Egg…It freakin’ rocks! Available at your local drugstore for $9.99-$11.99 (depending on the model)

2. “Sweet Sugar Darlin Skintoxicating Brown Sugar Body Scrub” by Dixie Bits: It leaves your skin moisturized, revitalized and silky smooth. I use daily all over but specially biweekly on my feet.

Use the Ped-Egg all over your feet, specially your heels and then when in the shower, scrub with Dixie’s Sugar Scrub.It is the quickest, easiest, money saving and most fabulous pedi you can give yourself…in the comfort of your own home! I promise!

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