Fear Distances You From Reality


When you operate in fear, you operate from a perspective void of reality. Fear creates scenarios that have not happened, with conversations that have not taken place.

Fear assumes to know the outcome, and forces you to imagine a sort of rectification to compensate for the best outcome.

When you let fear drive your life, you give birth to a multitude of lies:

  1. Lies about yourself,
  2. Lies about others,
  3. Lies about your circumstances,
  4. Lies about your future,
  5. Lies about your family,
  6. Lies about your marriage,
  7. Lies about your work.

Fear will wreak havoc in your mind, as most of it is built on half truths, sugar-coated with excessive falsities. In plain English, it’s called bullshit.

When fear drives your thoughts, you will find yourself spending most of your time preoccupied, battling demons inside your head. You will be skeptical of anyone and everyone, and your level of defensiveness will rise. You will have restless nights, and operate mostly on autopilot.

Leadership demands so much more, so how can you afford letting 60% or more of your thoughts be taken up by fear-driven outcomes? Your worth comes from being fully alert, not being half-dead.


When you fear, you cannot trust. When you cannot trust, you cannot lead. When you cannot lead, you are ill-equipped to guide those around you.

Remember one thing: no matter what new situation you face, you will always enter into it with some level of apprehension. Fear may be there, but when you let it overtake your commonsense, and start predicting your future, then you will find yourself in troubled waters.

Fill yourself with God’s Word. His love and His Word drives out fear. Fear is a false prophet.

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