Fall Fashion: The (Vanessa) Infinity Scarf

You know that I suffer from “The Deer in Headlights” syndrome…but, I have to say , I have never been so humbled, flattered and honestly excited about this though. You give a woman an idea, you watch her take it in….and then she actually takes the idea from concept to reality…and has the audacity to name it after you!

Tracey Rediker has been a long standing member of ETTM. What I love about Tracey is that we share a similar sense of style and edgy sense of humor. We tend to keep that to ourselves, but honestly…I also love her resilience in building her business. Since the conception of this idea, she’s honed into her niche market. Not only is she serving her peeps, but most importantly, she’s building a business around her love for knitting.

FYI: What’s on sale here is the pattern for this unique, beautiful scarf ( The scarf is mine…all mine!). Take a moment to support a fellow woman entrepreneur and learn more about Tracey Knits. You can also purchase this pattern here.


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