#FabulousTV with Courtenay Cooper Hall

Do you like to read magazines? How many different ones do you read each week/month?

Then, you get your hands on a magazine that becomes a must read, like O Magazine is to me well, because Oprah. 

It just so happens that since it’s premiere issue 9 years ago, BELLA  had that same effect on me. From the moment I got the first issue in my hand, I read it cover to cover. Of course the magazine highlights celebrities, fabulous fashion and travel destinations, and so much more. But at the core, BELLA has always told stories of real people and focused on amazing content.

It was eight years ago that I had the pleasure of interviewing BELLA‘s CEO and Editor in Chief, Courtenay Cooper Hall.

We talked about the the “spark” that drives our authentic selves to live a beautiful life. From that moment, our very special friendship and my journey with BELLA began -too.

Watch Courtenay  talk about how she wants to help spread her message of beauty, which starts from within.

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