#FabulousTV: Meet Nicole Abbott


In our lives we all have a special someone that has been placed in our universe for a special reason. I met Nicole Abbott over 20 years ago in our native Dominican Republic.

When I moved to the US, she had launched Chic Cheap Nursery, a design blog as her career roots where in architecture. Coincidentally, our friendship rekindled over motherhood as we were both pregnant with our first kid!

Today, she’s a Social Media Marketing Expert, Content Marketing Strategist and Audience Development Specialist. Data Geek. Google Analytics enthusiast. See why we’re still friends? 😅

In our interview 8 years ago, Nicole said, “Friends are the family you get to choose.” I am very lucky to be able to count on her as a part of mine.

Nicole also  talks about what family means to her and gives her one great advice for women out there trying to live their life the best way they can.

Mental health day anyone? Watch our interview to find out more!

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