#FABULOUSTV: Candy Calderon, Health + Wellness Guru

On this episode of Fabulous TV, Health + Wellness Guru Candy Calderón talks about her fabulous glow, our Walking Dead fandom, dealing with driving anxiety and her golden advice for women entrepreneurs.

Candy comes from a business background and worked for several years with international corporations traveling the world developing their business, but always felt in her heart that health & wellness were her true calling.

After her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis, she took it upon herself to learn everything needed to help her heal faster and naturally, decided to go back to school to study holistic nutrition, and her health & wellness career began.

She now coaches people around the world with her signature programs and keynote speaks on how to prevent and reverse illnesses, maintain a healthy lifestyle; she’s an avid plant-based nutrition advocate and educator, yoga, fitness & meditation lover.

She’s passionate about transmitting her message to everyone in need, but especially to her women community.

You can find her here:


Candy is the founder and host of the Glow Wellness Tour! Calderon is a trailblazer in the Health & Wellness space for Latinas and women of color. The Glow Wellness Tour gathered 100+ Latinas last year in NYC! Next stop is scheduled for June 8th in Philly (Miami & NY again in the fall). 

What’s Glow Wellness Tour?

  • Glow Wellness Tour was born to address the specific challenges and needs of Latinas & WOC when it comes to health & wellness. The event aims to drive culturally-relevant conversations and realistic action points.
  • Sponsors can expect a welcoming space and inclusive environment to connect with health conscious Latinas and women of color of any background on a journey to become healthier, seeking knowledge to improve their health & wellness, or just want to stay on track.
  • Attendees expected (in Philly): 120+ Latinas & Women Of Color of diverse backgrounds (and more due to our extensive outreach)

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