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Power Of The Pack: Women Who Support Women Are More Successful

I’m sure you’ve seen the recently published Forbes article circulating the web. The one thing that struck me the most, is of course something I believe and have been living for years, “We need to reverse the stereotype that women don’t support other women. There is research that shows women in particular benefit from collaboration over competition.  Study after study shows women who support women are more successful in business.”

I cannot get through my day without the support of other women. It’s impossible. And I am so fortunate that 7 years ago, I decided to submerge myself fully in helping co-create an environment that breeds support, education, that deconstructs work/life balance, that welcomes women of every age, ethnicity, or religion and encourages them to build a business they love that can sustain the life of their dreams!

That’s  ETTWomen. And we have tough conversations about life, business, marriages, divorces, sexual assault, domestic violence, suicide prevention, social media, sales, marketing, gut health, cancer, money, self worth, growth, diaper bags, breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, meditation, fitness, hair loss, botox, fillers, makeup, taxes, reading, skin care, jewelry, and so many more! Why?

Because life and business isn’t lived or built in silos. It happens holistically.

You don’t show up to life one way and then to your business another way. Trust me, you can’t keep up with that facade for long. It will kill your spirit, your soul, your passion, and ultimately, your dreams.

These women inspire me daily to keep it moving. They remind me of how fortunate I am to live my dreams, every day. It’s surreal sometimes because without their support, without them having my back, without them cheering me on, I’d probably still be wishing and hoping that my entrepreneurial dreams would come true.

If you don’t have a community yet, let this be an invitation, check out ETTWomen: A community of fabulous women entrepreneurs who support each other in personal and business development!



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