EXCITING NEWS: 360º Lifestyle Lounge

As you may or may not know, I am a huge of advocate of what I like to call the 360º Lifestyle. It has been my dream to create a space where women can gather, shop, think tank, connect and learn.  A space where we are free to create holistically  just as we were created. Like any serendipitous occurrence, it is no coincidence that the space found its way to me a few weeks ago. I am beyond grateful and excited 🙂 

With it, my biz partner Lynette and I are also launching ETTM’s 360º Marketplace in a few weeks. ETTM members will have a dedicated space within my shop to showcase and sell their products and services. Another benefit of being part of this wonderful community!

More wonderful things continue to unfold for this wonderful movement we have ALL created. It couldn’t be possible any other way!

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