Everything Worthwhile is Uphill


Do you know people who start something but never finish? Or those who are always getting ready to get ready? I do too.

Anyone can go on an uphill climb for a short time. Nearly everyone can do it at least once. The question is, can you sustain it?

Can you climb every day? Day after day? Year after year? For anyone to reach their fullest potential, the price is self-discipline.

Every day we are faced with the decision. Are we going to pay the price?

Through the years and especially after starting my own business, I’ve had to learn to not let my emotions cloud my judgement. Whenever I feel the emotional pull to do what’s not best for me, I practice self-discipline by doing things that are right for me. When these things are done with consistency, success in those areas shows up.

Because consistency compounds.

Every day we are faced with uphill hopes, but we also have a problem. We also have downhill habits. Those are often what keep us from making it to higher ground because habits have power over us. Habits indeed are what make or break us. But, we get to choose which. 

In order to change your habits, you first must change your thinking and develop self-discipline. Because everything worthwhile is uphill.

  1. Self-discipline makes habit your servant, not your master. Uphill thinking is deliberate, consistent, and willful. At the core of how we think is our overall attitude towards life.
  2. Self-discipline is developed, not given. The first step is to develop awareness. You need to see where you’re falling short. This may even mean seeking people out who are willing to tell us the truth.
  3. Self-discipline makes consistency possible. Anybody can be good once in a while. It takes self-discipline to be consistently good. Consistency is what reinforces your vision and it compounds.

The question you may be asking yourself now is, how can you develop self-discipline? Avoid temptation. Don’t place yourself in situations where old habits will arise. Pay now, play later. Delay gratification. Do the hard stuff first. Get back on the wagon. In the end, we are human.

If you fall, dust yourself off, get back up, and try again.

Everything worthwhile is uphill.

Notes taken from Developing the Leader Within You 2.0 by John C. Maxwell
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