#ETTM360 Conference: The Power of Connections, Day 1

I am still reeling from this fabulous weekend! ETTM hosted a 2-day event where women came to connect on a deeper level, learn from and support each other in their personal and business development. I am humbled and grateful for the amazing feedback we’ve received. Some attendees had this to say about the 2-day event:

“I cried, laughed, learned and grew right along side of some amazing women. Thank you from my filled heart Lynette Barbieri and Vanessa Coppes for putting together an amazing panel and providing the power of connections!” Sandra A.

“The last two days have been an emotional journey that I never expected to have at the ETTM Power of Connection conference. I opened myself up to accept whatever God had planned for me and all I can say is WOW! Tears, laughs and lots of AHA moments with amazing women.” Hope W.

“I am searching for the words to describe just how Awesome the #ETTM360Conference was this weekend and just how grateful I am to have attended it; under the coaching and insistence of my amazing RVP – Lynette.

A true transformation and rebirth took place for me, it was at first painful, along with the accompanying tears. Through it the support of a room full of strong women was felt and enabled me to go through and amazing striping of useless excess stones in my life’s baggage. Today my bag is much lighter, thank you ladies for your words of support, encouragement and comfort. ‘Love was truly alive throughout the conference’.
I know in my heart of heart that the only way this was possible was because of the safety and security that existed with the Safe Haven the participants provided. The feelings of safety in a group of people almost never happens. As quickly and completely as it did during the event. After spending three decades’ in a corporate setting where workshops and trust for teams was “quote” unquote” a model to achieve; news flash, nothing approaching what ETTM was ever achieved, in anyway shape or form, (in under a full days activity).
What I was able to internalize is directly contributable to the exceptional presenters’ starting with Lisa D. Lieberman-Wang, in Britt Bolnick’s Keynote presentation and subsequent round /rectangle table discussion (too short). I could not get enough nor was it possible to avail myself of the other phenomenal workshop leaders, perhaps next time. Thinking back for the speakers and group leaders they each spoke so much truth that it filled the room and began to spill out of the room, perhaps a larger space is needed for the next 360. Those of you who were there certainly know of what I speak. #Love to each and every one of you.. Lynette & Vanessa you ladies ‘ROCK’!!!” Victoria W.

What a fabulous weekend! Lynette and I could never have done this alone. Thank you to all the amazing women who decided to spend these 2 days with us. Words cannot fully express my gratitude.

Thank you Kathleen Edinger, Marcy Zucker Cortez, Lisa D. Lieberman-Wang, Jennifer Longmore, Jennifer Bronsnick, Heather Chauvin, Britt Bolnick, Dori DeCarlo, RoseMarie Couture DeSaro, Val Neighbors, Inna Shamis Lapin, Carol Mortarotti and Eileen Strong for saying YES to #‎ETTM360.

A few powerful takeaways:

” Mindfulness is a nice way to save your sanity in the moment.” The Mindful Family

“You cannot do it alone.” Heather Chauvin

“My success does not come at the expense of yours.” In Arms Coaching

“The only glass ceiling that exists is the one we create for ourselves.” Jennifer Longmore

“How we do anything is how we do everything!” Lisa Lieberman-Wang

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for joining us and believing in the Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms, LLC!

Christina Farrell Barsoum, thank you for capturing the excitement!

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