ETTM 360º Retreat: Connections, Monsters, Heels and Chocolate

There is something really remarkable that happens when  women gather. I had the pleasure of leading a women’s retreat this past weekend, along with my biz partner Lynette Barbieri. It was an intimate group of fellow ETTM members.

The common thread that made the weekend so special was the intention of being present, in the space of allowance and in the spirit of sharing our experiences, fears, hopes and solutions. It was beautiful to see how when one woman posed a question about a decision they wanted to make for their business, another jumped right in to cheer her on, to support and to offer possible alternatives.

Marcy cortez had this to share about the weekend,”The retreat was definitely worthwhile. In addition to experiencing one-on-one the lively personalities of my fellow ETTMer’s, I got some direction that I was seeking (follow up is on my ETTM calendar for this week) and I learned to recognize that we all have similar issues as entrepreneurs. Thank you very much for your time and efforts, they were very much appreciated.”

A common conversation at our meetings is that life and business are supposed to be these dreadful monsters we’re supposed to tackle every day. I will be the first to admit to having challenges with certain aspects of both, but  I’ve learned that my monsters actually wear heels and lipstick and that they like wine and chocolate…and that they have a wicked sense of humor and whisper inappropriate things in public! (That’s a fellow retreater joke…and if you want in, you have to come to the next one!)

My point is that I learned how to shift the guilt when it came to carving out time to spend with myself and other women who tackle or entertain similar monsters. And that time invested in my self care, personal and professional development benefits EVERYONE. I return home better able to engage with my children, my husband and with new found energy to continue to grow my business…but most importantly to live life.

The retreat was fabulous! I hope you can make the next one.

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