enV CHICA Interview 5: Meet Susan Vernicek

Learning how to 

Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.

 our identity can many times be difficult for women. For many of us the accepting comes with maturity, for others it comes through the support from others. 

Personally, accepting that I suffered from PPD helped me appreciate motherhood and then propelled me to achieve a dream that I thought I only had the potential for. For Susan Vernicek, when her former job asked her to manipulate her face and how much the media bombarded women with phrases like “Learn how to look like…” and “Lose weight in 10 days!” she decided it was enough. So she went out and founded  identity an online magazine, which is Helping Women Get All A’s in the Game of Life by encouraging them to Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™

Watch our CHICA interview, where Susan talks about potential, her journey into self-discovery and gives you her advice on a way to discover your full potential.

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