enV CHICA Interview 4: Meet Andrea Rosenfeld

Art and metaphysical energy, that powerful mix is what Andrea Rosenfeld creates through her kinetic jewelry, offering a dramatic combination of sculptural artistry that improves lives. 

Don’t think that’s cool enough? Well, she is also a Chica, making her even cooler. Talk about potential.

The way Andrea and I met was what some may call a coincidence. But, the way our lives have continued to touch each other’s … well, that’s proof that I was meant to meet this wonderful and giving woman. 

She’s not only been my teacher, but she has also been a mentor and friend.

Watch Andrea’s interview as she defines potential and how its limitless force can help you accomplish what you want in life.

Stop by our boutique to learn more about Andrea and her work. You can also follow her here:


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