enV Chica Interview 13: Meet Jennifer Tuma-Young

Jennifer Tuma-Young is a Lifestyle Expert, Licensed Coach, Writer, Founder & CEO of INSPIRISTA lifestyle design company*, Founder & Editor of LifeGloss…sparkle for the soul

She is also a woman who has gained weight, lost weight, had her heart broken, lost loved ones, struggled to make ends meet, had thriving businesses, fell in love with her best friend, and enjoys every fun-filled teary-eyed moment of being a mother.
Jennifer is all about empowering women, and bringing out their inner whimsy by cultivating their creativity and imagination.
Her life’s mission is to help all women (including herself) rediscover who they were each born to be, find balance, embrace our unique imperfections, connect with each other, overcome fear, believe in miracles, dream big, use our unique gifts to serve the world, love each other flaws and all, live without judgment, have faith as the anchor, and (of course) smile a lot along the way!!
Watch as Jennifer shares her big “Aha Moment” and how it moved her to live a more meaningful life, every day. Be warned, there’s a really funny blooper which makes the interview all the more special 😉
I’ve watched it about 10 times…it’s that good! 
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