enV Chica Interview 12: Meet Julie Steelman


Julie Steelman is a pretty special Chica. In a conference I attended this year, were she was speaking, Julie made me come to one of the  biggest “aha” moments I’ve had on my own journey in business. Her question was simple: “Are you running a business or an expensive hobby?” (Insert jaw drop here.) 

While I knew I was doing what I loved to do, was I really doing enough to actually turn my business from a sustainable one to a profitable one?
With her 30+ year sales career, combined with her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, Julie wants to shift the balance of power in the business world and help women become the top earners in their field.  She cares deeply that women possess the skills that earn them a fabulous living on their own. As Julie became familiar with the entrepreneurial community, she saw so many female entrepreneurs with wonderful ideas and a give back spirit, struggle with making a living. 
In this powerful interview, watch as Julie and I talk about how to listen to your intuition and become more aware of the “aha’s” coming your way because the answers are always revealead to us in one way or another. 
She shares some very practical, sound techniques to help you tune in to what she calls  your “intuitive divine download”. Not only could this shift your business, but your life as well.
You can learn more about this Chica here: Web     Face Book     Twitter


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